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Bring back age-old trust and benefits of Holistic Homeopathy Care to fit right in our modern lifestyle for millions of patients across the globe.


We are on a mission to be the first choice for holistic homeopathy treatment that is completely personalized for every individual which combines top homeopathy doctors consultation, medicines, diet and lifestyle steps to deliver highest quality of treatment and care.

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Your Partner for Holistic Homeopathy Care

Spring Homeopathy is India’s fastest growing New-Age Homeopathy Chain providing a Virtual + In-Person Homeopathy Care Model.

Every Day, Numerous Patients Speak With A Spring Homeo Doctor To Discuss Their Health Condition And Understand It’s Root-Cause. We provide Long-Term Personalised Treatment And Medicines Delivered At Your Doorsteps.

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India’s Top Homeopath Doctors

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PAN India Presence

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10,000+ Patients, 20+ Countries

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Ongoing care from Medical Experts

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Highest Homeopathy Medical Qualification – Doctors with BHMS, MD

All our Partner Doctors have been chosen after a “Gold Standard” selection criteria. Few factors include highest qualification,  years of experience, peer recommendations, patient reviews, etc

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Global Leader In Virtual + In-Person Homeopathy Care Model

90% of Homeopathy treatments can be managed remotely. Our innovative care tools are empowering patients to stay and adhere to the prescribed treatment protocols leading to better end results

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Condition Based Researched Treatments Protocols

Spring Homeo has chosen the best research based treatments for 100+ conditions. All our Doctors have deep expertise in treating one or more conditions, choose by checking their “Special Interest”

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Options For Local Doctors, Local Language

Consult Doctors from your Cities in your Preferred Language. Spring Partner Clinics give you equally good care and support via our Virtual + In-person care model

Our Editorial Policy

We provide valuable and relevant information to patients  and people at large with several medical conditions and holistic wellness topics. It is reviewed and updated every year based on the latest studies conducted by expert researchers. Thanks to its simple language and accessibility, the information is clear and understandable to everyone.


The medical information on our web pages comes from verified and high-quality medical sources worldwide, and it is carefully curated by our medical experts to ensure quality and truthfulness. Although it is meant for general usage, it might not apply to everyone. That’s why you might want to have a thorough consultation for your medical condition with a registered medical practitioner before taking on any treatment.

Spring Homeopathy is India’s fastest growing New-Age Homeopathy Chain providing a Global-First Virtual + In-Person Homeopathy Care Model.